Standby Generator

Earn credits on your electric bill by voluntarily enrolling in 坦帕电's Standby Generator program. Enrolling your standby generator in this program will help us reduce our system peak demand when we reach capacity limits or during system emergencies. This program provides a smart way to manage your energy costs and help us reduce the need to invest in new power generation.

Here's how it works

  • Receive a monthly credit in exchange for utilizing your standby generator to supply energy to your facility when called for. If we don't issue a request, you still get a credit!
  • You will have access to a secure online portal that will provide you with instant access to your energy data.
  • Notification of an event will be provided via: text/SMS, 电子邮件, phone call and/or alarm at your facility – you choose how you would like to be notified.
  • If your load transfer starts within 30-minutes of notification, you can earn additional credit.
  • Once the event ends, we will provide notification to switch your transferred loads back to utility-provided service.
  • By participating in the Standby Generator program, your monthly credit will be $6.15 per average transferred kilowatt (kW) demand. Since your load varies, your credit will also vary.

资格, your transferable load must be a minimum of 25 kW during 坦帕电's designated peak energy use periods. 视图 Section 7 of our Retail Tariff Book for complete details of the program.

How to participate

Our program is available to 坦帕电 commercial & industrial customers with an on-site standby generator. To get started, please register at our online portal and complete the Standby Generator enrollment form. If you have questions, please call our Energy Experts at 813-275-3909 on weekdays from 8 a.m. 到5点.m.